jueves, 21 de enero de 2016

Winter arrived!
 I moved back to Munich...after all this years of sun, pool, friends, motherhood...starts the chapter of craziness!!! Now, kids started the Kindergarten and suddenly I have a silent moment to sit and think: woooooow, how time flyes! a bit scary...and also expectant!!!

2016 I am gonna challenge you...I hope you are ready for all the hard work you have to do, but because we love what we do, it is going to be something amazing to realize...

Achieve good german skills....I would like to laugh, but is a language that makes me cry most of the times....

Do yoga every damn day...no matter if it rains, if you are in a hurry...everybody has 20 minutes to say hello to the sun, don't you???

Make love every damn night...no matters if we are tired, if the kids cry...everybody has  a few minutes to complete this challenge!!!! the lucky ones maybe a few hours!!!

Smile every morning and start with all the positive mantras, what do you like about yourself? tell yourself because is magic what happens next! And is an splendid way to teach your kids to love themselves.

Read more books...My shelves are full of stories that I am crazy to live.

Be honest with you and the people you love. I believe we are a projection of what we think, do and make so when we are honest, our surround works for you...

Be happy, mummy happy - kinder happy!!! When we do things that make us happy we charge our hormones of feeling well, we get healthier, we get motivated and proud of who we are.  I will sing, play the guitar, cook, walk, paint, compose,  find a job and write so so so so much!

Pura vida...with a recipe:

Picnic at home
salami, chorizo and ham plate
guacamole super spicy plate
mascarpone with mint plate
mozzarella and peeled tomatoes  with a basil and garlic salat dressing plate
hummus with roast red pepper, chickpeas, lemon juice, sesame seeds, olive oil and salt and pimentón picante plate
riccota cheese with walnuts and honey plate
grated tomato with olive oil and salt to spread on top of the roasted bread
cream and berries yogurt cake
good wine